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About Us

With our professional groomers, state of the art grooming equipment and premium shampoos and conditioners, we can guarantee a first class grooming experience. Our loving dog and cat groomers can keep your pets hair cut the way you like it, while maintaining healthy skin and preventing unwanted matting. Here at Petstop Grooming, we offer a variety of services based on breed and customer needs and desires. Our first priority is your pets safety, followed by a quality grooming service. We can guarantee that your pet will be closely monitored and cared for at each step of the salon treatment.

Dog Grooming

From extensive show quality scissor cuts for the most discerning client, to the once every 4 months large dog shave down. We can offer every type of clip and or cut you desire.

Cat Grooming

Many cats do not or are not able to groom themselves as they once did. We offer cat grooming and bathing that include comb outs, light de-matting, and haircuts of any length and style.

Shed Control

For those breeds that continuously shed, we offer a de-shedding program which includes a bath and brush, use of de-shedding tools, and a high-speed blow dryer which helps to pull out all of the undercoat.

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Have you always loved animals and wondered what it would be like to work with them?

Looking for a more one-on-one instruction with complete hands on training?

Turn your dreams into a reality by attending the Petstop School of Dog Grooming!

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