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Class Curriculum

  •  Clipper and Scissoring Techniques – Layering, skimming, blending, stripping, thinning, & more

  •  Pet Anatomy

  •  Handling – Safely handling and restraining domestic pets

  •  Breed Recognition

  •  Bathing and Brushing Techniques

  • Recognizing Medical and Skin Conditions

  •  Breed Trims – Recognized styles for breeds and mixed breeds

  •  Work related injuries and how to avoid them

Why Become a Pet Groomer?

So you understand and realize that you have a passion for working with animals, but did you also know the demand for qualified groomers today is high and is expected to increase every year? There are over 24,000 dog groomers in the US alone and about 4,000 dogs and cats attend each of these businesses regularly. The amount of professional grooming positions are endless. We are dedicated to teaching any skills that may be required to enter into the profession of grooming. Make a career based around your love of animals and be able to work with them every day!

Turn Your Dreams into Reality by Joining our School of Pet Grooming

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