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Dog Grooming

  • From extensive show quality scissor cuts for the most discerning client, to the once every 4 – months large dog shave done, we offer every type of clip or cut you desire. Your pet will receive the full salon treatment. Bath and brush, nails clipped, and hair removed from around the pads on their paws, and ears cleaned.

Cat Grooming

  • Many cats do not or are not able to groom themselves. For cats that are lightly matted and heavily coated, we will comb out the matting and de-shed excess hair and undercoat, keeping the hair and coat in its natural length. We also offer several links of haircuts for your cat.

Bath and Brush

  • Many pets do not need a haircut so we offer our bath, brush, and comb out. With this service your pet receives a pre-bath, comb-out, de-matting (if necessary), nails trimmed, and ears cleaned. Then it is on to the bathtub where your pet will get a humane bath and fluff dried.

Nail Trimming

  • Have your pets nails trimmed anytime during normal business hours.  There is no need for an appointment and it usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Flea and Tick Bath

  • We also offer flea and tick baths for those instances when your pet needs to be rid of those irritants. Unlike many places, we use a shampoo that is very strong and kills fleas and ticks on contact and protects for up to 14 days, yet we also rinse it off after 5 minutes.

Shed Control

  • Among our most popular services is our Shed Control service. Depending on the breed of your animal, we offer monthly bath & brush with a high speed blow dry. When scheduled on a monthly basis some owners have seen up to an 80% decrease of hair on furniture and flooring!